How do i fix bad tessellation LOD at edge of the screen?

I am very new to unreal engine and I am using a noise to tessellate a plane mesh with PN triangles and at the edges of the screen the tessellation is using very low LOD. How can i fix this? :frowning:

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Hello SpaghEdgy,

I have run a few tests and I am unable to recreate what you are seeing. If you would post a screenshot of your material and how you have your tessellation set up.

Here is the material i use for the tessellation and the settings i use for the noise. You can also see the high triangle count mesh i use in this case. Because the tessellation is really large it seems to think that the tessellation is out of the screen and that is why it switches to low LOD.


Thank you for providing the screenshots. I was able to reproduce this in a test project in 4.10.

I have entered this issue as a bug and it will be viewed by our development team. The ticket number is UE-25169. I do not have an ETA for when this issue will be looked at or resolved.

Thank you very much for reporting this issue to us.

so the ticket got closed without fix. i have the same problem with tesselated clouds. at the edge of the screen, the tesselation is reduced too early. this should happen out of camera. please fix or post workaround. mybe how to lock a tesselation or export a tesselated model so we can reimport it without needing ingame tesselation

Set “Max Displacement” into your material (under “Adaptive tesselation”) to some value, bigger then tesselation displacement is. For example you has maximum value in displacement node like 18, just set Max Displacement equal 20 or 50 for example.


Or don’t use Adaptive tesselation.

Perfect! Solved the same issue for me, I was trying to use negative z bounds offset etc. to no effect…