How do I fix a lighting issue (Lightmass) that goes as far as the Windows Kernel?

I am having an issue with UE 4.23 crashing or failing the building of my project and I had discovered that it going as far as the Windows Kernel. I have never seen this error and hope some one can tell me how to fix this one. Here is a screen shot to show this issue:

Thanks in advance.

I had the “out of array” crash once. I think cleaning the swarm cache fixed the problem (anyway that was a cache problem. All was ok after).

Thanks for the input. It did work out as you said. I just figured that out by simply wondering what would happen if I cleaned and verified the Swarm Agent and it worked. lol Figures I figured it out before you responded here. Most appreciated for the answer since it may help others out with the same issue. :smiley: