How do I fix a dissappearing door

I made a door to slide open. The first blueprint worked fine, but when I tried to make another it won’t work properly. When the character enters the box trigger the door moves to X=0 Y=0 Z=0 every time. Even if I manually change the initial door location and door end location. How do I fix this?

post a screenshot

Are you actually calling the event ReceiveBeginPlay_Copy?

It looks like you copied the whole graph into a new one, but in doing that you created a new, custom event called ReceiveBeginPlay_Copy. This no longer works like BeginPlay since it’s considered a separate event.

You can either set the Door initial location 2 in your first graph or make a call to the ReceiveBeginPlay_Copy (and possibly rename it) from the BeginPlay event.

You’re doing this in the level blueprint. Take your logic and put it into a separate door blueprint asset, then make instances of that asset. That way the logic will always work regardless of how many doors you have. Additionally, if you need to make any changes to the door, you can do so in one single asset.