How do I enable keyboard input in VR?

Have been working on packaging a fairly simple VR experience but am running into an issue that seems like it should not be nearly as difficult to troubleshoot:

Right now we have a title screen level with two buttons (Start and Quit) . If you click start it takes you to the actual experience level. We are trying to get it set up so that you can press a button (ie Q) to quit and another (X) to take you back to the title screen so that we don’t need to force quit the application in order to restart it.

When testing in the editor, the buttons work for one loop (I can press X and it takes me back to the title screen) however they will not work a second time. When we package the project none of the input works. As a test we also linked some motion controller buttons to the same functions and it won’t even recognize those button presses.

Very confusing

Maybe you could share some of you BP here so we can have a look at what’s going on…it surely is kind of stange that it works once on viewport and then does not on the packaged game. Thinking out loud…maybe it’s something on the Game mode when you jump back to your title screen. Do you change game mode when on the level?
Also just to make sure I got it all, your title sreen is shown outside the HMD right?