How do I enable a client to request a server to perform a function?

I’m trying to get an ‘interaction’ system to work via Multiplayer on a Listen Server, and I can’t seem to figure out how to get the client to request things that need server permission to happen. Can anyone give me a hand here? This is what I’ve worked up if it makes any sense.

Have you checked out the Networking tutorials on UE channel on YouTube? You can send functions back and forth between the server and clients.

I’m not that pro with networking but I would suggest to make the blueprint which you posted replicated (it’s in class or default settings) and then forget about the “has authority” node in the “InteractedWith” event. Just check if the variable is valid and pass it to the “Interaction Function” which is “run on server”. I guess if things are replicated properly, then it should work. I’ve done this with spawning projectiles on the server for the client. You just have to make sure that the blueprint in which the “run on server” function is, is replicated. But I guess there are other ways to do it.