How do I designate a light as dominant?

From searching, I’ve discovered that for a skeletal mesh to be lit on mobile (deploy or previewer) it must be lit by a dominant directional light (How to light skelmeshactor in mobile? - Mobile - Epic Developer Community Forums). And to make a light dominant, I set the Mobility of it to “Moveable” in its transform properties. This seems to work. My question is when there are more than 1 directional light in the scene set to “Moveable”, which is considered the dominant? Is there any way to designate a particular one as the dominant one.

From testing, where I put in 2 lights, one with a white hue, and one with a red hue, if both were active (via setting Affects World in its properties), the white light would always seem to be the dominant one, regardless of any another properties (e.g. intensity). If the white light is inactive, then the red light affects the mesh. Why is the white light the dominant one? Is it because that was the first light I placed in the scene? Or is there some other designator I’m missing?

Hi mhinge,

I think there is some confusion here. You don’t select a light to be “Dominant.” There are three different mobilities for your lights. Static, Stationary, and Movable (Dynamic). When using Mobile you will only be able to use one Directional light.

The second issue you’re seeing goes back to the fact that you can only have one dominant light in your scene for Mobile.


Thanks for the reply. I think I get that, that only one directional light, and that you don’t designate yourself a light as “dominant”, by some property called that. I guess the question is more, if you have multiple directional lights in a scene, which one does the engine decide to use as that “one” dominant directional light? The first one you place? Or some other factor (e.g. the one with the highest intensity)?

The initial light placed in the level will be the “Dominant” one in this case, but there is not check box to label it as such.