How do I deploy a VR Package to my PC?

Unreal VR Template Project

  • How can I deploy that project to my PC when I want to use it for example with the Oculus Rift?
  • Where to save the file on the PC?
  • What are the steps?

Thank you so much!

  • The same way as you’d package a traditional 3D project: File > Package Project > Windows > Windows (64-bit). Just make sure you have ‘Start in VR’ checked in Project > Description or use the ‘Enable HMD’ node in your game mode or player controller or something.

  • Anywhere convenient, such as the desktop.

  • See above :slight_smile: Youll have to be aware of scalability settings, lightmass settings, post-processing settings, and some other notable settings (Anti-aliasing, Mobile HDR and Forward Rendering to name a few) to maintain performance and compatibility, but in general, the process is similar to regular UE4 projects.

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Hmm… okay… so I am going to create a package.
But how can I run this package and run the game?

When I go to my Oculus Dashboard, I can select games from the Library.
But how can I get my game to the library?

I can’t find any tutorial or any guide that shows that process.

All I want to do.
I package the Game → select a folder… but what folder?

And once I have my Quest 2 with the link cable connected… how can I find and launch my game?

Thanks for any little help,
appreciate it!

when you package for windows it asks for a folder. Choose a folder and you will find your game there. Getting it on your Oculus library and Quest might be a bigger show though.

worked just like @Bevman00 described:
… updated project settings to enable ‘start in vr’
… package for windows
… turn on headset (if quest 2, select option to use link to make the quest 2 like oculus rift)
… on windows machine, or in oculus headset view desktop, find the packaged .exe file and open it