how do i create shadows in textures ?

Hola amigos I have an idea of creating a building but I wold need textures . How do I create my own texture for my game . I want rock surface . does any one get idea how to do one .

Well to create texture from scratch here is the video.

but first try the documentation about meterial creation for basics

Well that method is somewhat time consuming and requires lot of effort yet effective . If you are looking for basics here is the video



well the question specifies ‘create my own texture’ so I suggested that particular video.

Well obviously he is a beginner so you should suggest something easier to do.

Well sir with due respect if you see I have recommended the documentation also . If the answer is annoying you so much I shall be willing to remove it if you say so.

I never said that you are wrong its just that it is not basics

Well then I’ll edit the answer

Will that do?

That will do.

well your post is good amigo

In midst of yor war I was able to fast forward and have a basic idea of meterials

Its called quarrel and zlatan_is_great(Peter) is one of my facebook friends so it is natural to have clash of ideas .

oh I see now