How do I create layered materials?

I saw that one of rock materials in one of downloadable unreal projects was a black rock with moss on top. …no matter how i rotated or morphed model moss would ALWAYS be on top. I’d like to learn how to achieve for I’m sure it would teach me a lot of things.

Can someone explain to me how that’s done?? or point me in a good direction at least?


World Aligned Blend function in material editor is what you are looking for. Check this tutorial to see how it is used:

I’ve not seen that material myself but I assume they were blending between a moss texture/normal map and a rock one based on dot product between world space normal and (0,0,1).

Hey Jacky,

There’s something about that link that AnswerHub doesn’t like. Let’s try this link instead:

[Creating Layered Materials Tutorial][1]


PERFECT!! Thanks gentlemen, you are a blessing.