How do i create an inventory system in Lyra, like in survival games?

Do I just make it into the character blueprint event graph?

Hey! I’ve moved this over to the Blueprints forum - you should be able to get some better answers here. The other forum is for feedback on Unreal Engine learning content on the Learning Portal.

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Use an Actor Component, add it to the character and encapsulate the logic there - in the dedicated component. The character blueprint will be plenty busy with other stuff.

Ryan Laley has a really good Tutorial Series for an inventor System, component and Interface based, on Youtube.

You can learn from his examples… Do it multiple times (as my recommendation) and adapt your Learnings into a new system for your needs.

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Lyra has a built in inventory. You just need to set it up. Its in the Proto folder on the Inventorytestmap. Lyra Proto Inventory System & World Collectable Item Issues