Lyra Proto Inventory System & World Collectable Item Issues

Quick summary: In The Lyra Project There is a Proto Inventory file and map where you can test the world collectable on screen inventory system. However the inventory system does not load initially until you open compile and save several of the files and inputs ( must be done every time you restart the example map). Even then , the included world collectable items (from the Proto inventory system with world collectables ) will not add to the on screen inventory. Pickup inventory items however (from the default pickup system without the world collectables ) will add to the on screen Proto inventory but without any icon brush besides the green icon brush’s that show if you walk over an item instead of using the Interact function included with the proto inventory system which adds nothing to the world collectable inventory system.

Questions :

  1. Does anyone have the solution for fixing the Proto inventory so that it loads properly without having to recompile and save the files every time ?

  2. Has anyone successfully added the included world collectable item ( b_InteractableRock) to the on screen inventory ? or is it just not working because the proto inventory system is possibly still too incomplete ? ( would explain why i cannot figure out a fix if so).

  3. Is it possible we could get a quick reply/write up from one of the Epic game devs on How to properly add the included world collectable item ( or even a weapon or health pack) to the proto inventory system ? as well as how to make sure the proto inventory properly initializes when you first load the map ? Or if it is even possible at all right now ? as in the Proto inventory system is possibly to incomplete to use currently ? This would be helpful because the Proto inventory system is not mentioned at all in any of the Lyra documentation so it would really help to clear things up.

I have included a video demonstrating the proto inventory and the above described issues below .

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Ok , sorry it took a while but the answer is YES. Lyras inventory system does work. Just wanted you to know so we can all start putting it together. The Lyra project is just incredible. The more you dig, the better it gets. Ue5 Lyra Proto Inventory Works

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Any tips how you were able to get it to work? Or that’s working out of the box?

It kind of works out of the box. You just need to setup/Change a few things. If you are building a game that requires inventory or Interactions , This is the map you want as the Default map has the wrong maps , Inventory and items. there are 2 systems. You need to instead use The proto inventoryMap with the inventory experince. That has all the stuff for something like an openworld or survival game. To get it loaded the brute force way ( there is a better way though ) , navigate to plugins>shootermaps content >proto>inventorytest , Then open L_inventory test map. Then open and save every file in the input folder in that same directory. Remember , you will need to change interact key as it overlaps with melee in the shootercore. That will let you check it out if you like.


You guys are in Luck today ! Garashka typed this up Fixing Lyra’s Inventory System | LyraDocs for you all to get to the real meat and bones of lyra. This will get your inventory system up and going. One of the changes that I recommend would be to step 3 . Instead you can use the BreakGamplayEventdata node target found in GA_Interaction_Collect and Cast to pickupable then as pickupable plug into addpickinventory. Like in this photo below. This way you wont have to mess with Lyras c++ code. Please post here if you have anything you would like to contribute to the progression of the Lyra Proto Inventory System. SideNote- Are we allowed to create and post new discords here ? I really think its critical we bring all the Lyra knowledge together in one place that is dedicated to it. Most people will miss these big updates otherwise . With some collaboration this project can go so much further. If i cant post this just let me know and ill remove it - But I created this Discord LyraDevDen to bring all the like minded together , if this sounds like something you would like to be a part of please feel free to join. I haven’t posted much of anything yet , but wanted to at least get something started for future updates.


@aFlashyRhino you’re amazing. Thank you!

I’m currently on vacation and digging through here trying to learn how all of the inventory and interaction systems are intended to work so I can hit the ground running when I get back home. As you point out it is highly prototypical code and ALMOST completely nonfunctional.

Working through I had found and fixed the first 4 issues you addressed so now I don’t have to waste my own time figuring out 5-8, I can just learn from you instead!

Thanks very much! :slight_smile:

For anyone else who is interested in the inventory system, it builds on top of the interaction system, which I have documented here. This adds to the official documentation and fills in some missing conceptual gaps.

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FYI I’ve added a video that covers the Interaction system, which is used to implement the inventory system:

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Thank you for sharing. I managed to enable the interaction system following your documentation and the other reference sources.
I’ll give it another try as soon as I finish my game feature plugin.

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