How do I create a static mesh with multiple elements?

I am able to create a static mesh in Blender and import it into my UE4 project. How can I define multiple separate elements of my mesh, to be able apply different materials to each of them in UE4? Just like how the material test prop has two elements:

Hi ,

You can set up multiple elements by setting up the model in your modeling program (Blender in this case) so that it has multiple materials attached to it. The material placement on the model’s polys determines the different elements’ areas. I hope this helps!


Well that was easier than expected. I was trying to use layers and groups. Thanks.

How do you delete elements that are in that material? See how there is element 0 and element 1? How do you delete element 1?

You have to change that in the model itself using your 3D modeling program.

This doesnt work when exporting from 3ds using fbx (works with obj). Any ideas on this?

Does anyone know how to have multiple elements coming from Houdini (using point groups or something else?)

You must edit the model in a 3D modeling program an split the object in various components.
This would give you an idea: - YouTube

Hey, but how to hide the element so you can see a mesh piece underneath, like to hide helmet so than to see the face…?

In Houdini use a Material SOP to define the material name and then export the geometry using the Filmbox FBX ROP. Geometry with multiple materials will show up in Unreal Engine and it will create empty materials based on the same names defined in Houdini with the Material SOP.

Can’t you do this directly in the engine? I want to use a cube static mesh for a simple stair and I want it to have a different material on the sides. Do I have to recreate it completely in blender, even though what I want to do is so simple?