How do I create a path of paw prints for the player to follow easily?

Hi everyone,

I’m currently creating my final project in university and was hoping I could get some recommendations from people on how to approach a mechanic in my game.

The mechanic in mind is using paw prints for the player to follow. They use this to find the next point of interest in the game.

The easy way would be to copy and paste paw prints that I can make in Maya, but I know that would get messy and was wondering if anyone knew a more efficient way to create a path of paw prints.

My initial idea was potentially using a Spline blueprint but I don’t know if that would be suitable as I would want the paws to stay on the ground and be able to work on stairs too.

I would also love to have the pawprints only be visible from a certain distance to almost give the effect that you’re following a dog that is walking.

As far as the glowing of the footprints is concerned I know I can easily make a material and particle fx for this. I would love for any recommendations as to help with my mechanic.

thanks for taking the time to read my question.
I’ve attached a simple sketch for a better visual idea of what I’m trying to achieve.

Hey CallumHenry!

I recommend using animation notifcations (AnimNotify) on your Animal Pawn Animation Blueprint. Every time the animal pawn takes a step, have it place a Decal on the ground. You can make those Decals last as long as you need and you can setup the Decal Material to render emissive materials to stand out easier, or render a particle effect as well. Here is a tutorual on making Animation Notifications.

Here is a tutorial on making Decals!25712&parId=root&o=OneUp drag in a nav mesh and inside this path actor go in to make path and set how many static mesh you want make it a floor or plane and make you paws a material and apply it to the plane and the system will do the rest

you gotta have a nav mesh in order for it to work