How do I create a multiplayer game?

Hello please tell me - when creating multiplayer need to write your code, or have already finished compilation engine?)
Thanks in advance))

Hey tigr1499,

You can definitely create your multiplayer game using C++. ShooterGame sample uses C++ for its networking and you can reference that project to see how it is done.

If you would prefer to use Blueprints, you can find a great 6 part video tutorial here:


Hope that helps get you started!

thank you))

I glanced over it quickly.
Very nice stuff there. Very good explained aswell.
But i remember that this does not have an answer for having friends join you does it?
Ive only gotten my multiplayer game to work on LAN.
And i would LOVE to get it to work outside of a LAN environment aswell!

Does UE server provide deterministic physics simulations?