How do I create a custom sun disk for my skydome or integrate the atmospheric fog sun disk with my skydome?

Hey there,

Branch: Binary

Build Version: 4.2.1-2101290

Repro Steps: I’ve created a skydome in 3ds max and imported it as an fbx. I’ve also created a few textures with masks in photoshop (one texture with three cloud masks (red/green/blue), one with three for masks and one with a star/horizon and vista mask.) Combining them all together I got the result I wanted. Almost. I can’t make the sun disk appear on the skydome’s surface the same way I did in UDK (which was setting the material to mlm_customlighting and making sure the skydome accepted the directional light via the lighting channels, none of the options of which I could find in unreal engine 4) I still create my sun disk in the same way, save for plugging it to custom lighting I plug it to the emissive socket. I use a dot product which I split between a cameravectorws node and a lightvector. However the engine tells me that the light vector node can only be used on light function materials. After setting the material to light function it becomes extremely bright. I don’t know what to do, I want a sun disk that follows the directional light and is projected onto my skydome.

I also understand there’s such a thing as atmospheric fog with an already modifiable sundisk. However the sundisk is blocked behind my skydome together with the rest of the atmospheric fog. So if there’s any way to integrate the atmospheric fog with the skydome, that would be awesome as well.

Thank you in advance!

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idk ya idk

I’m having the same issue where my sky dome blocks the sun disc created by atmospheric fog. Did you ever solve this?

If you just want the default sun disc, scale your custom skydome up until the disc appears. The disc is part of the atmospheric fog actor and if your dome is too small it will block the disc from appearing.
If you want to create a disc ON your custom skydome, I can not help you. That is what I am here trying to figure out at the moment.

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here it is , coming soon in unreal marketplace all you need is a texture or flpbook