how do i create a cove light

hi I want to simulate a cove lighting in the false ceiling I can get a similar effect if I make a mesh with holes on the side of the extrusion and keep lights around it but it dosent look that great . is there any way to make indirect ceiling lights ?.. I know we could fake it with a texture and a invisible light if there is no other way. But has anyone done a nice cove light ? If so please can someone point me to the right direction ? Thanks !

Are you using the Source Length option on the Pointlights, you can change the length of the light this way across on side of your ceiling.

Post a screenshot of what you have so far

Perhaps an IES light would work?

thanks guys… an ies light I havnt found one that would mimic the effect of a cove light. but yes ill test it out and figure out a way with point or ies.