How do i create a clan system?

im working on creating a multiplayer game and need someone to explain how to create a clan system(in the game im making we will have a gang system, but its pretty much the exact same)

thanks to anyone who helps

Do you have any online backend? Since this is something that your servers need to handle

We need more information.
Do the clans exist only while you’re playing, or does their information need to be kept and saved even when people are not playing the game so they’re still in the same clan while offline or between rounds?

Either way you’ll probably want to store which clan a player is on in the PlayerState during gameplay.

If you need this to be part of a player’s profile or user for social or ranked gaming service etc., then like said you’ll need a non-Unreal back end such as a server and database to keep track of that, and have your game upload and download updated information between it and the server and database backend.

But if you’re just assigning teams for one round, then all you need is a variable on the PlayerState and a way for players to see the difference between one team and the other.

the clan that a player is in will be saved even when they’re offline.
the clans will be forever not just for one round.
*Note: plaayers will not need to join a clan
two questions:

  1. I am going to create servers with Amazon GameLift. Would I be able to setup the backend with that?
  2. Is there a way to create a clan tag (e.g. #17262546354) when a clan is created?

That’s good information. I jave never set that kind of thing up myself but I think most people would tell you that this aspect of the game doesnt live in the game engine, so it’s less of a question of how to store the information using Unreal and more a question of how to set up a web server and use it to store and retrieve player data. Once you have that working you can get Unreal to talk to the server to request and update the players’ information. The generation of the unique clan identifier should probably be done on the web server too rather than in Unreal. I would learn how to do the web server part first and THEN the unreal part because the unreal part doesnt have anything to work on otherwise but the webserver part can be developed and tested without the unreal part.

If you’re doing it in blueprints then there is a handy plugin called VaRest that makes HTTP requests to web servers and returns their response. You can use this to read and write data between your game and the web server, once your web server is programmed to handle those HTTP requests by doing the actions you want such as doing a SQL query or loading a file or however you decide to do it. Just be aware that the web server’s ability to do anything is not going to involve any Unreal skills, it will involve back end web programming or configuration skills, and can be done hundreds of ways and in any programming language (or even without a programming language depending on the type of server used)