how do i create a cinematic render of an environment i created

I need to create a cinematic render of a scene i have created then convert it to a video file to put onto a disc.

This Is very Interesting As I also Use Unreal Only For My Renders !!
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First Of All You You need to Animate Camera for that You can Make it in Unreal or your more experienced 3D Software.
I use Maya For All Type of my Camera Animations.
1). Import scene in Maya.
2). Animate Camera.
3). Group Camera by itself . ( Select Camera and Press Control+G )
4). Rotate this Group 90 degree in X-axis and -90 in Z-axis
5). Create another Camera And Make it Child of Animated Camera With Maintain Offset Unchecked.
6).Now Bake Camera Animation Of Child Camera.
Export It with .Fbx extension ( Use game Exporter if there or else just normal Fbx export )

In Unreal
7).Create Matinee Under Cinematic Open Matinee
8). In Matinee under file menu Import …And Import Camera we just exported
9). Adjust Time line if need … Add Director Group by Simply Right Click and Select add director group.Close Matinee
10). Select Matinee in Outliner and Ckeck the box in front of play on level load it will allow to start camera animation when we press play.
11).Now Create BluePrint for stop the game For This click on BluePrint and then level BluePrint.
12). Select Matinee in outliner where is our camera Animation Now RightClick in Level BluePrint and Select create matinee controller for Selected Matinee.
13). Take out Fineshed node and type Quit and Select Quit Game.
Now Compile it. Close this Window. This will Stop Render after Animation Finished or else It will render Contineu until HardDrive Full.
14). Select Camera in Outliner and unchecked the box called constrain aspect ratio.
15).Now Open Matinee Again … There is option Create Movie Click on It
Select Output Quality and Information.
Give the Directory where to Save the Render do not enable texture streaming it will make gitter at the edges of geometry most of the times …And Click on Capture Video