How do I create a 15km by 15km map?


so i want to create a map with the size of 15km by 15km.
What I thought it was: going to Landscape > Scale and change that number, but I discovered that the size changes when using different qualities.
Can you please tell me how i can make a map 15km by 15km.

Also, I would like to know what I need to do if I want players to choose the graphics settings,
do I need to make multiple worlds with all different graphics? or do I not have to worry about that right now? I’m afraid to need to do something in order and not knowing of it.

Either make 4 8k maps and use World Composition(resulting you to a 16km2 map) or use 1 8k map and scale it accordingly.

I wanted to know how to actually create them.

Try World Machine or sculpt them using Mudbox or ZBrush

Thanks im gonna check them out

read the Documentation!

Technically, you could create widget settings screen with buttons that set certain things on/off when the map loads. Either by linking directly to the objects blueprints from the settings widget buttons (Postprocessing volumes, light perhaps, particles, etc) (probably storing them in the game instance when set while the map loads to retain the values) or you could find some of the command lines and set them in the “open level node” I think under options?

A simpler solution would be to use the “-compatscale=” command on your level load or something like that. With different settings from 1 - 5 I believe. So it would be “-compatscale=1” for the lowest setting and “-compatscale=5” for the highest.

You can also change the LOD settings, for models you have. Calling the lower poly lod versions of models sooner or the conditions that trigger the changes. Lowering distance thresholds etc.

There are probably way better solutions but at least give the “-compatscale=” stuff a try.