How do I cook the installer.msi or .exe for windows?

I have successfully cooked and packaged my game, for shipping, it created the 32bit exe, and all is well…YAY!
But: How do I create the installer for my game for publishing to other PC’s ?

I did choose the publish option under the packaging settings.

Should I just zip it up and create a self extractor? … erm… no…

Editor can’t do that, you need to build installer for yourself, i googled quastion in Stack Overflow about which to use and there many of available options listed there

Well i compiled engine from source and i didn’t need to add anything to registry to run editor (ofcorse i need it to do that for compiling), so the same should be with game

Just to be clear, so the Unreal Engine 4 won’t require any registry settings and the usual fallargo that goes with installing?

Basically the setup packager will just create a package for me to copy files to a destination, and create shortcuts and all that… will have to test, am gonna use inno setup and see … thanx man.

Yes you are right, I also compiled form 4.1 source.
Good job… :wink: