How Do I Configure Server Bandwidth w/o Every Client Configuring Their INI

The solution would be simple if I owned the project, but I do not. I just host servers.

Here are the default Bandwidth settings for the game:



If I recall correctly, no matter how I configure these settings on a server, clients are still restricted to ~15kb/s unless the clients edited their ini themself.
I’m also wondering if the bandwidth settings under IpNetDriver have any effect as the game is using steam net driver.

Returning to default values I tried these commands in game.ini

These settings should override bandwidth restrictions and force the client to send and recieve updates up to 100 times a second. The server is 30fps meaning it should force 30 up and 30 down.
These settings seemingly had no effect. The only thing I can think is that maybe these are client settings, maybe these are still restricted by TotalNetBandwidth, MaxDynamicBandwidth, & MinDynamicBandwidth, or maybe these settings are not working ?BUG?. As far as I could tell the only override to these settings are the server hitch settings which can still restrict communication. Default values are not given. If I’m running my server at 10fps will hitching be triggered every frame?

I find it really strange there is no straight forward way for a server owner to configure bandwidth settings. Even the first online multiplayer first person shooter quake world had easy to configure options for this. It should be as simple as MinClientRate and MinInternetClientRate, but these commands do not exist. Only maximums do.

Any solutions?