How do I completely uninstall Epic Games Launcher?

I’ve been having trouble with installing any sort of content from the Epic Games Launcher for several weeks now, and I’m pretty much fed up with the lack of effective support from Epic Games. At this point I can’t tell if the problem is with the Launcher itself, or the problem is with my computer. I want to try and completely uninstall Epic Games Launcher, and purge all of the project information so I can get a fresh start, and at least find out if the problem is on my own end or not.

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Hi AdventDestiny.

I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues with the Launcher. You may have already seen and tried these resources, but in case not:

As for uninstalling, you can do that via “Programs and Features” in the Windows Control panel. I’m not sure off the top of my head if any residual folders will be left behind, but you should be able to look at your install location and manually delete any “Launcher” folder there. You may also want to check for any remaining files in C:\Users{username}\AppData\Local\EpicGamesLauncher

I hope this helps!

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I’ve tried all of that, nothing has helped. I did completely uninstall every file and folder I could find associated with Unreal Engine and Epic Games, but the problem is still in affect, though it is behaving slightly different now; originally it would cause any download [Engine version, projects, even the download of the Epic Games Launcher itself] to linger at a random point and not progress, but now it is periodically allowing the download to continue, then it will stall up again. As I was writing this, I was having this problem with reinstalling the Epic Games Launcher, the download would stall up or even reverse for a few seconds, then continue normally for awhile before stalling again. It ultimately finished downloading, but I honestly don’t know what to make of this… if it really is a problem with my computer and not the Launcher than I’m pretty much screwed, I don’t have a sufficient enough background in programming to fix something like this.

I’m having the exact same issue and it’s making me mad that Fortnite needs more and more dang space every time I try to run it. This computer doesn’t have a lot of storage I get that but why do your games need more space to run every time I run them? So now I’m trying to uninstall and quit Epic Games all together and it won’t let me, It says that it’s still running but it’s not and I’ve already reset my computer.

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I’ve actually uninstalled the Epic Games Launcher earlier due to personal Fortnite issues (me being uncomfortable with PC controls and not having an Xbox One controller) and found that the launcher will delete itself and all of it’s residuel files when it’s uninstalled. Even the ones in C:\Users{username}\AppData\Local\EpicGamesLauncher on Windows too!

don’t forget about c:\program files and c:\program files(x86),c:\users\yourusernamehere\appdata\roaming and c:\programdata… if my memory serves me correctly it leaves some stuff behind in some , if not all of those directories.if you really wanna get technical and dig deeper look inside of C:\Users\yourusernamehere\AppData\Local emp for the temporary files left behind.

Hi! I just uninstalled mine by running Epic Games Launcher as Administrator. After that, close the application and go to Control Panel and uninstall the program under Programs.

Hey man! I tried to delete the Engine and it said that i have no permission to access the item. Please add uninstall to your setting which would help much more than going online asking tech supports

I had problems with it not running right on my Windows laptop. I went to control panel to uninstall the app and the “wizard” came up saying it was still running, and had to be closed before uninstalling the Epic games launcher on my computer. I right clicked on the task bar and went to task manager. I right clicked on the epic games launcher and clicked “end task”. After doing so I was able to uninstall it.

I hope this helps

I tried deleting the launcher and it’s still showing up in my programs list. can’t delete it because it needs version 7.9.2 that I don’t have anymore. It also caused some errors on my PC after deleting.

Hi! I have similar problem with Epic Games Launcher when i was working in IT SEO Service ( I tried unistalling the EG launcher, but i couldn*t do it. Can you help me?

Okay look, epic games is stuck on open, but it’s not actually open, yet when i try to close it it won’t close. So i tried deleting it, but it won’t delete unless its closed. I tried getting an uninstaller and epic games wont even show up to uninstall. I tried to delete all epic games related launchers, didn’t work. I tried force logging out so that all apps would close, epic games won’t shut down. this is really annoying and i just want to get rid of the app on my computer. if i contact support what would that really do, how would they help if i cant even open the app??

Wow…Epic games seems to be a bad launcher. I’m having the same problems. I want to uninstall everything from my computer to do a fresh start but nothing is left on my computer besides the actual launcher install and that can’t be deleted because it’s saying I have to be the administrator, BUT I AM THE ADMINISTRATOR. I can’t redownload the launcher because it’s saying invalid Drive E:/ Come on guys fix this!!!

Guys there is also another way to end the process of epic games. You can go into task manager by pressing Ctrl + Alt+ Delete and scroll down until you find epic games. then click on it and press on end task. After that you can normally delete it with the control panel.

My kid installed fornite without my permission then deleted it before i could notice but he removed the folder instead of the uninstall option but i also uninstalled it using the uninstaller i thought it worked but now as i tried to install fortnite it asks me to update the software rather than installing it from scratch i would have lived with that aswell but it stops midway…

kindly tell me how i can hard uninstall epic launcher and fortnite so i can reinstall it from scratch…

I have tried to install unreal engine but I cannot launch it because it says that epic games launcher is already running. I couldn’t see any sign that it was running so I tried uninstalling it but it said that it was still running so I cannot uninstall it or launch unity.

OH my God, I am so close to killing somthing, I have literally been trying to sort this Unreal engine out all day and I finally had enough because I couldnt get a fix, Literally over 12 hours I have been non stop trying to fix the issue. with uncountable crashes and problems. Now to my anger I can not even delete the thing and I am having the same problem as you guys with it saying it is still running when it is not, I have checked task manager and its not even showing up on there !! wtf man ! A full complete day wasted I never once had a problem with Unity. Once this mess is sorted out I will be going back to Unity.

I was facing this exact issue with my system. Whenever I tried to use “Apps and Features” in Windows 10 to uninstall this game launcher, I got the error “Application in use” ( something similar ). The only solution that really worked for me was starting my system in safe mode and then using the Windows 10’s “Apps and features”.

I opened the launcher and unticked the “Launch when Windows starts” and then exited the launcher. Next I restarted the machine and I was able to uninstall it.
Good luck.

I need to log out of my epic account but I cant get in to the epicgamesluncher and I need to to uninstall it