How do I change the size of a texture?


I am trying to make a seamless ground, but it’s not letting me change the size. I actually don’t know how to. See the attachment of the ground.

Thank you so much!
-Eric N.

Changing a textures size won’t affect it being seamless or not. Though your image seems to be an issue of a small scale texture rather than a seam problem from what I can see. You should be able to adjust the scale in your landscape material.

That’s what I was talking about. I know that it’s seamless. It’s just a small scale, so the player can see the edges.

How can I change the landscape material?

The easiest way to get rid of the tiling is to add some random variation into the texture -> take a look at the grass material from the starter content. :slight_smile:
You can change the landscape, when you do a double click on the material in the content browser - then add/edit/delete some nodes

Thanks! I will do that.

I’m having some issues with those nodes I’ve been experimenting with. Please help!

Is there another way that I could change the texture?

Which nodes exactly? :slight_smile:
No, you have to change the texture in the material

I’m just completely confused with what I’m supposed to do.

Take a look at the documentation so that you know the basics:
When you just want to use the same material, copy the entire node structure for the grass material - paste it into the landscape material - connect everything with your landscape nodes (the base colour branch + the normal map branch) :slight_smile: