How do I change the pivot of merged actors

Hi guys n gals,

I recently purchased a few modular asset packs from the store and such. As they are modular and meant to be used to create large meshes (Such as a building) I was wondering how I could change the pivot point of the static mesh once I’ve merged the actors? (Developer Tools > Merge Actors - I can set the pivot to zero but that seems to spawn the mesh very far from the actual pivot.

I’ve had a look online, as such Alt + Middle Mouse button is meant to change the pivot, but this only works for already placed assets - rather than new assets placed from the library.

Ok so a work around for this I’ve found is to just create the actor and export as an FBX - import it into Maya (other 3d package) and manually set the pivot and export > import back into UE4.

Quite a bit of hassle but it’s doable at least. Would be nice to manually adjust it for newly created static meshes.