How do i change the mesh's material element that will be used to review the material i'm working on?

The material shows on the arm instead of on the glove, How do i change that?

The title and actual text in the post seem like you’re after different things, but from the actual post, it sounds like you’re after Layered Materials.

Thanks but i’m not looking for something like that, All i want is a way to choose the element that will be used to review the material i’m working on inside the materialInstance editor.

In this picture you can see a mesh with one element, There are meshes with more then one.

Ah, right I see, unfortunately I’m not too sure myself in this case.

That said, I’d imagine the best alternative (albeit a bit of a paint to set up) way to preview would be to set it up in a construction script so you can preview in game.
I’ve found that what you see in the material preview isn’t always what you see in game, due to factors outside said material.

For the moment i just look at the mesh editor to see it, but then i have to switch tabs all the time.
I think it will be a lot better if epic would add a element number input in the material editor review.

You have to assign material elements in your 3D program before you export to UE4, as far as I know there’s no way to create new ones, you can only switch what material goes in that slot.

I know that but all i want is an option to change the element that will preview the material in the material editor.
Try to pick a custom mesh to preview the material you are working on, if this mesh has more then one element, it will just pick the first one.
But if you want to see this material on an other element, you can’t.
You have to go to the mesh/skeletalMesh editor to see the results over there, and this is just an extra work that can be prevented with a simple int input that will determine the element that will preview the material on the mesh.

Bump. This seems like I’m either missing something really obvious, or the engine is missing a simple feature that would be really useful.

For example, I’m working on a material for the shaft of my arrow. I select the arrow as a preview mesh, but it applies the material to the fletching in the preview window: