How do I change the Light Map Coordinate Index to 1 for multiple meshes?

I am trying to build the lighting for the meshes I’ve imported into UE4. The usual procedure is I open the individual meshes up separately, change the light map resolution to 512, tick ‘generate light map UVs’, and then I can change the Light Map Coordination Index to 1.
The problem is that I have about 100 meshes so that this is consuming. I tried to do this tick ‘generate light map UVs’, change light resolution, then increase the Light Map Coordination to 1 in the Property Matrix, but it always changed back to ‘Multiple Values’.
I can’t combine my meshes to reduce the number as the architecture is so large already.

Please help! Thanks

You can use the Property Matrix to do this: Property Matrix in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

Thank you. Great utility!