How do I change scalability settings after build?

I can only change them in the editor but after I build a project they seem to auto-change to the highest settings. I want to lower some of them.

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I dont know if there is another way, but I would do it like that:

in one of your blueprints (e.g level bp) you have to add a “begin play” event - add a “execute console command” node and connect it with the event - type one of the following commands into the line:

sg.ResolutionQuality 25
sg.ViewDistanceQuality 0
sg.AntiAliasingQuality 0
sg.PostProcessQuality 0
sg.ShadowQuality 0
sg.TextureQuality 0
sg.EffectsQuality 0

(Number = how high/low it should be)

More information: https://answers.unrealengine/questions/31421/scalability-reference-does-not-apply-to-standalone.html :slight_smile:

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That worked! Thank you :slight_smile: