How do I change Out of Water Z Height in a Water Volume?

Hello, I’m working on a project using the Sidescroller Blueprint and I’ve recently run into a physics problem. I have areas of water in my level using physics volumes set to act as water volumes. The physics behave just fine when inside the water volume, but my player is having a really hard time exiting the water. When the player jumps out of the water, I want them to reach close to the same height as a land jump, but they aren’t getting anywhere near that height. The Character Movement section of the SideScroller Character has a lot of settings for Buoyancy, OutofWater Z velocity, and OutofWater Step Height, but none of these seem to have any effect (even set at 9999).

Am I missing a step? Why aren’t these values behaving like the tool tip implies they should? I posted this question on UE4 Answer Hub a few weeks back but didn’t come up with any solutions (though others seem to running into the same issue). Anyone here have any experience with this? Thanks!

I had a similar problem but the solution might not be what you’re looking for. What I did was put a branch-point before the Jump function that checks the Character Component for IsSwimming? and if True I use ‘Launch Character’ function instead of ‘Jump’. Might not be ideal, but it works.