How do I change color with the mouseover event

I’ve been trying to think of how to set up a blueprint that changes the color or makes the pawn glow whenever my mouse is hovering over it and then goes back to normal once I click on the pawn. I’m very new to UE4 but from what I’ve tried researching and I think the nodes I need to use are the Bind Event to OnCursorOver and then connect it to a Get Material function and then set a condition to block it after I click on the object but I’m not sure if I’m correct in anything I’m saying. the way I learned in a tutorial doesn’t work with 4.8 so that’s why I’m having issues


Create Material. Add Constant3Vector node. Right click on this node and select Convert to Parameter. Rename parameter to Color. Apply, Save and Close. Assigne this material to mesh.

Open Event Graph in actor blueprint. And create this graph. Place actor in scene and test.

I can’t seem to add the “set” nodes and my OnbeginCursorOver is blue instead of red and says bind to event OnbegincursorOver.

In the dropdown menu, look for “Event OnBeginCursorOver”, to be found under the categories Add Event → Mouse Input.

It’s not in there at all

Ok I got the cursor events but the set enable mouse over events and set show mouse cursor still don’t appear when I search for them

Am I having this issue because I turned the mesh I wanted to apply this to into a blueprint?

Ok I got everything working right but this set up works in the opposite fashion of what I want