How do I call SceneCapture2D using C++?

good day, how can i call SceneCapture2D in c++ or where can i get docs for this component? I found Scene Capture 2D in editor, but i need to call this in c++

#Search Code Base

Have you searched code base using something like wingrep?


i found SceneCapture2D header, but i has no fuctions

Did you find anything useful? I could really use a tutorial or an example of ASceneCapture2D or USceneCaptureComponent2D C++ use. (I get tons of undefined errors and other stuff).

well, i didnt find any solution, but i think, it should work through C++ code, create scenecapture inside of some object and create rendertexture material by code and put it to your scenecapture on selected object, but i didnt try it so, it might not work