How do I call game plugin functions in custom Character class?

After creating my plugin based on the Blank Plugin Example (from UE4 Source)

and adding some extra functions to read from a dll, I am wondering how to call these functions from a

custom Character/Actor class in my main project directory

In introduction to plugins tutorial, i briefly address this, but you basically pull this off by exposing your public interfaces to your module. There are some more involved examples included in the UE4 GitHub repository, but suffice to say that your module public interface is the entry point into your plugin.

If you require more details please don’t be shy.

Thanks for the suggestions Bob, I have followed your tutorial and created the required files for my plugin, but now I am getting this error when I build the game

LogPluginManager:Error: 'Descriptor file ‘…/…/…/…/…/…/Users/admin/Documents/Unreal Projects/PluginProject/Plugins/TestPlugin/TestPlugin.uplugin’ could not be loaded. Failed to read file. {1}

have you seen this error before? if you can give me some tips on where I should start looking that would be awesome

Have you checked if the file exists?