How do I blend two different terrain textures using the weight with a mask.

Well I saw on the Rust Dev the guy in charge of the terrain using something that didn’t just blend the two textures together opacity based. It was masked out instead, like how you would see grass and stone connect, they don’t gradually fade into each other. I don’t want a height based material setup, I want to use the weight painting or something similar for more accurate painting.

I don’t want this effect: which is the standard blending… How do I set it up to look like this:

Is that possible using the standard weight painting?

I currently don’t have the time to make a material like that, but I have added it to my list of cool stuff to do in Unreal 4.

It’s easy to make yourself, here is an awesome article on Gamasutra that shows you how it is done, including code:

Yeah I didn’t get that math and code. I need to see it in action to know how to do it :\ So whenever you do this, could you post this here or just send me a pm?

Will do!