How do I attach a widget to the Left motion Controller

Hi all. I am currently developing a vr game using oculus touch. I created a menu system that allows me to jump to different levels. I created the menu using widgets and it is placed in the game using a blueprint actor. It’s visibility is toggled on/off by holding down one of the triggers. I’ve got it all working correctly. I am able to use the right hand motion controller to turn the menu on or off and to select the different menu options. The problem I am having is… I want to attach the menu to the left hand motion controller. So basically, when I press the trigger the menu will appear on the left hand and I am able to select functions in the menu by using the right hand motion controller. Please help. I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure this out.

This is basically what I am trying to achieve


Add the 3d widget component to the left hand actor, instead of a separate actor you place in the world.

Hi Havoc. Thank you for your response. I’m still having issues. I’m using the vr template. So I added the menu blueprint to the motion control pawn and everything is working. The only issue now is how do I bind the menu to the location of the left hand. It currently keeps binding to the root of the motion controller pawn. See the image attached for how i have it set in my blueprint.


I got it!!! Thank you very much. I was simply just attaching it to the wrong section. All started working perfectly once I made the blueprint a child of the camera instead of the motion controller root.

Thanks again.

Hi MJSabates,

How did you figure it out? I want to do exactly the same thing here, but not success yet. Can you help me ? I can call the widget now by press some keys, but I can not attach it to my left hand :frowning:

MJSabates, that seems convoluted. Why don’t you just add a widget component to BP_MotionController?