How do i allow end users to toggle Landscape Tessellation?

How do i give my end users an option to toggle Landscape Tessellation? I do not mind if it requires a full restart of the game.

Looking for Any methods as i cannot find any way to do this, despite substantial time and resear

You make it a boolean flag in the material instance.

EDIT: Totally cannot find an example now, but have definitely seen the tessellation on a static switch in the material. Now I think I was imagining it…

It was worth a shot. Thanks

Yes, you can make a toggle for the effect of the tessellation, but AFAIK not for the actual tessellation switch. So, even if you toggle the effect of the tesselation, which is how many people do it, including successful market products, you are still loosing performance due to the fact that the shader is still running those instructions. I am sure you have seen the toggle before, as have i, but it was just for the value of the tessellation, not that actual material switch. If you find information to the contrary, please let me know. Thanks

I guess if you really want to do it badly, you could have alternate maps… :smiley:

I’ve got this image of a checkbox with tessellation next to it! I will try and find it…



Let me check out the mat…

Meh… yup, it’s just turning it all down to zero… I see some stuff about it possibly being in the pipeline as UE-21230, but that seems to have disappeared.

True. That is a possible work around, thanks. I think i will wait for a them to integrate a solution, or they just let us know how to do it :slight_smile:

Can i get some input from Epic please?