How do I add water?

There is a default water shader built into Unreal engine, to test it, simply start a project with Starter-content added. Then using the materials folder, find the material, ‘Water’ I believe there are two pre built types, and drag the material onto the floor plane in the viewport. Failing that, drag to any item and then play the level to see the water simulate.

hi guys,

Does anybody know on how to add water without having to buy stuff from the marketplace or would I need to?

Reason is that I am having issues in trying to add some water to my game, if anybody knows on what to do then could you please let me know thanks!

thank you and also would you know how to add two colours on a wall?

like one side is one colour and the other is another colour like:

Inside wood and outside stone

Typically, the wall would normally be created using 3d Software like 3ds Max. If you were using a piece of software like 3ds max to create your 3D assets, then you would apply 2 material ID’s and a Multi Sub Object Material as this would allow you to select the Polygons that would have Material 1 applied, and the remaining polygons to have Material 2 applied. Then when you bring that objec tback into Unreal Engine, you can drag and drop the material that you need onto the each Material Id selection. There is a good demo on this video of how the Multi Sub Object is used in Max.

There may be another way of applying more than one material in Unreal but it seems like all of them appear to need the use of 3D Software at some point. The Unreal Geometry is called BSP Geometry, this may be a good starting point for further research if you don't have access to 3D Software. Try searching for ways to apply multiple textures in Unreal to BSP Geometry if this is the case. Hope this helps?