How do I add water to my level?

I’m trying to make a simple strategy game (using “blueprint visual scripting”), just to start off with something easy.
Now I have a question; How do I add a lake, sea or some other kind of water to my level?
Is there any easy way of doing that, like in CryEngine (played around a little with that before UE4) ?
I want it to be swimmable, so that I can use it in my future projects too.

Thankfull for help! :slight_smile:

Ps. Svara gärna på svenska :wink:

Take a look at this tutorial: ?v=LHPAseF7ma4

You need:

-a water plane
-a water material
-a physic volume

I just applied water material to a BSP, but I guess that’s not how it’s supposed to be done. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just follow the video :stuck_out_tongue:

I have uploaded a waterplane for you:


Is it hard to make a own waterplane? If no; I would be happy if you could explain for me roughly how to do it?
That is because I would rather make my own, because I’m new and really want to understand everything and do it myself to learn, and custimoze it as I want :slight_smile:
But thank you anyway :wink:

Just create/add a plane in your 3d program and then unwrap it. That’s it, then you have a water plane :slight_smile:

So I just create a plane in any 3D-modeling program, for example blender and export it as a .obj or .fbx file?

Yep, but you also have to unwrap it before you export the plane -> select the mesh - go into the edit mode - select everything - U - unwrap

This has to do with the lighting, :// for details

Just when you do it in your 2nd uv ;). It’s here so that the texture will show up correctly in the UE4

Here is a picture (left one is not unwrapped):

So I shall just unwrap the UV and then export it and then edit the exported material in UE4 and apply it to the plane?
Is there any quality difference or any advantages/disadvantages between .obj or .fbx or shall I just pick which I want?

Yes, just unwrap it -> export and import it -> adjust some stuff in the material (e.g size,…)

I would recommend you to import it as a fbx, but I don’t know if you are able to import a obj file (it could be that they have added that feature in the last relase, but I’m not sure ^^)

Okay, thanks! :wink: