How do i add skeletal mesh on existing .obj file?

Hey Guys,
I’m working on a low poly game with a spaceship. My idea was to create a beamlike trail behind the ship but i don’t know how to make such trails. I watched some tutorials but i didn’t figure out how to create a skeletal mesh for a existing object (for a AnimTrail PS). First i tried to modify the UFO from the starter content… Can you help me getting a beamlike trail for my spaceship?
(If you are german, go on the TeamSpeakServer: “” and ask for BeStar. It could help me, to talk to you)


you can actually import every obj-file as a Skeletal Mesh (just check "Import as Sekeletal) when importing, see the first option:

[Depending on how it is exported from your 3D program UE4 will autodetect that it is a skeletal mesh.]

If that doesn’t work for you I may join your TS in the evening (german too).

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Thank you very much but when i import it as skeletal mesh my engine crashes. But I think it crashes because i accualy don’t know how to add bones for a CAR. When you help me you’ll be mentioned in the credits of the game. But it is more effective when i can ask you “realtime” questions. When do you want to join the TS? And how can i contact you? (not this forum)

Does your skeletal mesh have at least 3 joints? Seems to be a common problem:

Oh, ok. this could be the problem.