How do i add my diffuse texture to my terrain?

Im trying to add my diffuse texture that i created in photoshop to my terrain i built, how to i do this ? and what format should my diffuse maps and height maps be ?

Ok so i figured out how to add the diffuse but its tiling and i need it to only tile once.

I created the terrain in world machine than exported all my maps(Diffuse,height, blah blah) and i need to apply them to my terrain, so far i have everything applied just having problems with the tiling of my diffuse texture.

I hope this helps: Creating Landscapes in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine Documentation

That doesn’t help, i guess it has to do with the landscapecoords node but i cant find anywhere that explains how it works i dont know what to set the mapping number to if my texture is 2048, i got it so its not tilling with that node but it looks so stretched out :S here is it tiling i dont want this
here it is with the landscapecoords node mapping set to 2017 This is better but still not what i want.

And here is my matterial

That link could actually help you if you scrolled down and followed the other links. :stuck_out_tongue:

You simply connect landscapecoords node to your texture map node and set mapping scale to the size , in the second image you have good result , if you mean it’s stretched it should be , you just don’t have detail texture layers for that which is covered in here how to set it up :slight_smile: Landscape Material Layer Blending in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine Documentation

After you got your layers blend them with your landscape texture map with blend_overlay node ( that’s how i do it )
and connect to base colour , that way you will be able to paint detail textures layers that blends with your landscape texture map :slight_smile: