how do i add multiple objects without there being performance issues.....

hi totally new to game creating just to get it out there been working on a game for a few days now just wanted to start with a simple poker room. I have attached a pic below of the item.

I have basically made a real time poker game, I have come across an issue however that is hindering my games performance quite a bit. I have created individual cards and individual chips and when I am close to a pile of chips or cards the performance is pretty ■■■■ to put it politely.

is there any way to make these less intrucive on performance so the game can run smoother when interacting with them thank you in advance.

(I did bring this item in from blender but I also tested it by simply making a cylinder shape in unreal and then making it small like a poker chip then just copied and pasted it about 50 times to make a chip stack, this also gave me the same results.)

apologies if I missed anything out as I said im brand new to making games thank you.


considering I never got a reply from unreal, I will give the answer just incase eh!..…. no shadows, end of.

But now you have no light. That is not a real solution.

Tip: Learn what the difference between an Actor and an Instance of an Actor is and about class inheritance.
We humans see many individual objects in the world and think of them as single entities. In a casino each card is one separate object, each chip is a separate object.
But to build a game this way is too inefficient. Individual cards and chips in your scene have to be calculated and rendered one by one. That’s a lot of instructions for the hardware and the reason for bad performance.

Think this way: all cards share a lot of properties (size, material, weight, …), so do all chips. So there is no need to treat them as individual objects.
Instead think in hierarchies. One bare chip is your base class. It has your polygon mesh from blender, it has collision, a base material and currency symbol.
All chips in the scene inherit from that 1 base chip, meaning they all share only 1 polygon mesh and material.
Each chip in the scene extends on that, by only having it’s own value number printed on it and setting it’s color, that’s it.
If there are two green chips worth 25, those are twins, inheriting from the same base chip like their cousin, a red 50 chip.
The hardware does not have to do the whole job for each chip over and over again.

Take a bit more time learning some basics and then continue, game development is complex, but step by step you’ll get it. Good Luck!

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thank you very much for these tips i will check out the links soon I appreciate the advice. yes the green chips are essentially twins of each other and the red chips etc. I cancelled the shadows on these items and it has taken the issue away totally the performance is brilliant, upon watching a few tutorials on what hurts performance on vr I found out that shadows in vr games is a big no no only on selected objects should you use shadows. thank you