How do I add EAutomationTestFlags filter for command line automation testing?

I am attempting to run the FCompileBlueprintsTest [Project.Blueprints.Compile Blueprints] from command line using the instructions from the following answer

The editor opens as I would expect, and it pulls up a list of Automation Tests. However, the list only displays the tests which are active in the Session Frontend when no ATF filter is applied. I believe I need to apply the filter for stress tests. Does anybody know how to do this?

I figured out how to run tests behind a filter from the editor executable in command line. Note that the delineation is now semicolon rather than comma, and automation should only be declared once instead of for each parameter, as noted in the linked answer.

UE4Editor.exe MyProject  -editortest -execcmds="automation runfilter Stress; list; runtests Project.Blueprints.Compile Blueprints" -testexit="Automation Test Queue Empty"

However, I would really like to run this from the automation tool, I don’t see any support for it in code. Excerpt from command line generation


		else if (Params.RunAutomationTest != "")
			TempCmdLine += "-execcmds=\"automation list;runtests " + Params.RunAutomationTest + "\" ";

This implies that I may be able to add the RunFilter at the end like this…

RunUAT.bat BuildCookRun -project="MyProject" -run -RunAutomationTest="MyGroup.MyCategory.MyEditorTestName; runfilter Stress" -unattended -NOP4 -editortest

However, doing this causes only the first blueprint to be compiled, and upon success, the editor closes. Additionally, I tried to include the RunFilter parameter in RunCommandLine but, as expected, it didn’t get appended to the -execcmds list.

There may be something I am still missing to use the RunUAT.bat and apply a filter. Any ideas?