How do I activate Splitscreen?

I am trying to spawn 2 player controllers with cameras and have Unreal split their views in play mode so that I can see both simultaneously. Is there any way to activate the splitscreen options so that when I add the second player it splits the view? Every time I try to do this it creates a second client window for the second player. Any advice on how to set up splitscreen at all would be greatly appreciated.

Theres a splitscreen option in edit->project settings

The toggle in project settings->maps&modes? I have already checked that, but it doesn’t seem to do anything. Am I not adding players in the right way? .

I turned that on, but it doesn’t seem to do anything.

Turns out that I need to use the add player node not add client. Problem resolved.

Where is the “add player” node

Right click in blueprint and it should be listed if you type in add player. You may have to uncheck context sensitive. It is a function called add player and it adds 1 additional split screen player.

I cant find this node… Does it have to be called from a specific type of blueprint?

“Create Player” node is correct.

yeah it’s “create player” not “add player”