How do I access the editing defaults menu when editing a avatar blueprint?

I picked up Learning C++ by making games with UE4 by William Sherif, and I love that book, but I am at a point when we are doing a project, I can’t fing the editing defaults menu which I need to access to be able to set the avatar’s mesh to heroTPP. I am using version 4.10.1. Thanks in advance.

If you’re talking about what I think you’re talking about:

Double-clicking your character’s blueprint. It should open a window that looks like this (this is taken from the official UE documentation [here][1], definitely check this site often)-

In pane 3, you should see a mesh component. Click that. Now, look at pane 6. I believe the field you’re looking for should be there. Also, for further reference, you can check [here][3] for character setup, at a glance.