How do games like ark save thier world and player data?

I am building a game like ark, dedicated server per world setup, client connect to the dedicated server via ip. I am wanting to save the world and player data like they do in ark, no external mysql database or service like gamesparks etc. Oh with blueprints.

Could anyone point me in the right direction.
I want to be able to load the server and have players reconnect and be where they were location, inventory, items spawned in etc.

I know plugins like ramasave work great for actors in game but dont really want to rely on plugins being updated down the road and want to learn vs having it done for me.

Remeber key point is i would like to save / load the game on the dedicated server clients connect to without an external storage like mysql or gamesparks.

would like to know this to

just bumping this as still interested in an answer or help.

So whats wrong with using Save Game Objects?

I did wonder this, I imagine the dedicated server would be able to save / load objects and have them replicated again?
I will try it out later.

Sure. Its a simple save file on the Server. Store whatever Data you need an load it whenever you need. Nothing magical about that.

My thoughts exactly :slight_smile:

The Save Game object save on client not on server side no ?