how decrease rendering time in editor

i have a good rig. not the ultimate one, but something correct. an i7-7700, GTX 1070 8092, 16 gig DDR4, and SSD for OS. but recently i purchased a couple of assets on the MP. and some of them were pretty long to load. not something catastrophic, but clearly time consuming. i’m talking of big packs with complete houses with high res stuff you know. So this has been going around my head. am i missing something. i was wondering if there was some ways to optimize the workflow like for example using Cuda, like we do in Blender. or eventually go cloud computing, or getting a SSD to install the programs on it? (right now i use my SSD for the OS only). or even upgrade
I’d like your thoughts about this

What are you even asking?

You jump from how to make the game run slower in the title “how increase rendering time in editor” to how to improve loading times “and some of them were pretty long to load. not something catastrophic, but clearly time consuming” to optimising the workflow “i was wondering if there was some ways to optimize the workflow” to contradicting yourself and asking how to make it run faster “like for example using Cuda, like we do in Blender. or eventually go cloud computing” then jumping back to loading times within the same sentence “or getting a SSD to install the programs on it?”

changed the title for more clarity

If you have your whole system on SSD it’s much better.

You will still have to wait with new assets because shaders need to compile, no avoiding that I’m afraid.

yeah, i bought a 1 To SSD that i’ll dedicate to Windows, Blender, and UE only. also bought a 3900X. which will treble my number of cores. i think it will help a lot. as when compiling shaders my CPU suffers a lot. 16 gigs will be enough i think, as i’m not doing archviz, and 8k stuff

more cores helps, it definitely helps. now on largest assets i got 8 minutes or so max. i’m talking of 13 000+ shaders compilations. it depends on the shader complexity actually. but according to my notes (that i’ve thrown away :rolleyes:) it takes more or less 1 minute per 1000 shaders. projects loadings are much faster too. but i think this is more SSD related

Yes more cores help. But I read you have a pretty decent machine for game development. If you ave issues in running projects I think you have to take a look at your meshes, lighting and shading.

what internet connection speed is it downloading in?

i don’t have problems with meshes. i mean i’ve done lot of modding before jumping into UE train. so i know what optimization word means. but in shaders compiling i was spending a lot of time. too much time to my eyes. so i decided to go for the 3900X while the prices of the 7700 were still good. And i do not regret. anyways, thanks for the advice

ok, so after proceeding few hardware tweaks, and speaking to some people on specialized forums, it came out that my low end RAM was THE problem. I upgraded for some high end G-skill DDR4, and it’s night, and day. at the point that shaders compiling isn’t a problem anymore. thousands of shaders compilings are now a matter of seconds, or a couple of minutes (rarely)

Wow! What is G-skill RAM? Would a higher amount of RAM, such as 32 or 64, at 3000 MHz frequency be enough to get those speeds of compiling?

32 gigs G-skill trident Z neo DDR4 @ 3600 Mhz. keep in mind that good mem helps a lot, but doesn’t do it all. You need to couple it to some good CPU too

I made changes to the Collaborative archviz template in the lighting, increasing indirect quality, smoothness, and other tweaks to enhance…and upon restarting the engine launched into about 10,000 shaders compiling. It was 1-2 hours or so to complete, and there was also a weird border around the edge of the viewport that looked like sandstone tiles faded to translucent and about 100 or so pixels wide. After I found compiling was done, it had disappeared.

I’m looking at this computer, as limited in terms of price:

well with my rig according to my latest tests it would have taken 5 minutes or so. even though, as i said, it also depends on the shaders complexity. but i compiled a couple of 1000 shaders, and i was always under the minute. i don’t know the cpu of your link. but the only one review is poor. why don’t you build yourself a rig. Here is my rig so you can have an idea

AMD Ryzen 3900X: AMD Ryzen, and threadripper cpu are very good for workstation as they have lot of cores
32 gigs DDR4 G-skill Trident Z neo. praised by lot of reviewers. high end, sure value RAM. very important if you want your cpu to express itself correctly
Crucial MX500 1T SSD: for Windows, and all rendering stuff (UE, Blender,…). allows fast boots of programs, and work in ease
GTX 1070. medium-high end GPU. largely enough for what we need
watercooling Corsair H100x. cheap, and silent. ensures good temps of the cpu
MSI X570 A-pro. medium end, good priced motherboard. still powerful and largely enough for what we need. You don’t need more unless you’re into overclocking
1x1To HDD, and 1x2To HDD for backup
and i think my PSU is a Lepa 800 gold+ or something (been a while)

i didn’t invest in more higher end cpu. because i was scared of being bottlenecked. or simply getting the situation where i’m using a program with 31 cores in idle you know :rolleyes:
oh, and one big, huge case too. you need a really big case to fit the recent motherboard, and watercooling
but all in all i’m pretty sure you can get all this (without the GPU) for less than 1500€. i don’t remember the prices, but it was more, or less

~ 500 for the 3900X
~ 200 for the RAM
~ 100 for the SSD
~ 100 for WC
~ 120 for the MB
~ 80 for PSU
~ 60 case
you can recycle your HDD, and GPU
total: 1060. Hope you find your hapiness :smiley:

The 3900X sounds great. The RAM too, especially at 3600 MHz. Most RAM I see in pre-built desktops is 2400, 2666, or 3000, which 3000 would be sufficient I think…and it’s not that common. I try to search for at least 3.5 GHz cpu, with an overclock of 4 or more. It’d probably be cheaper to build a computer, but I don’t want to screw up the building of it by getting incompatible parts, or if I break / mess up a part during building it (because I’m less than a rookie in doing so), then having to get a new part or try to return one. Thanks for the summary of specs. I’ll look for something comparable, and that water cooling sounds good (quieter and maybe more efficient). Where is the G-Skill 3600 MHz RAM found online?

Hello, if you read carefully the motherboard specs, it’s impossible to buy an incompatible hardware. you can check motherboards manuals online, and see if they are correctly detailled, i mean detailled enough for a rookie. if it’s your first build i strongly suggest to have another internet connected device though (phone, notebook…). it can be extremelly helpful, when you’re stuck for some reason. my build was very easy to set up. i mean even a 6 yo kid would have succeedeed. if you go with your own build, don’t forget what i said about the case. buy a very large case. because MB + WC = huge amount of space. which btw prebuild PC don’t offer. all the HP i bought in my life were excellent computers, but with tiny cases. WC is important especially in global warming times. with my WC i get very good temps. between 40 - 60 °C in full load. rarely above
i bought the RAM at Amazon France