How could I resize a slot child?

Hi, everybody. Everything ok? I hope yes.

I’m a student and I’m trying resize a slot child before putting it in the parent ( UniformGridBox ) I would like to make a ( Fill ) in the Width and Height. How could I make it on Blueprint?


Thank You

It seems that the buttons, the slots, tries to be as small as possible while still accommodating whatever is inside them (and probably whatever surrounds them too).
You could force the slots to have a certain size by wrapping them in a size box, or having a size box inside them.

There is another thing I see with our blueprint setup. You’re adding the slot to an array of make array. I’m not sure what you expect from this, but if you think that “now the first added slot will occupy the first index of the make array”, then that’s wrong. It would be added after the last index - if that’s actually possible. In any case, you would want to make an array variable to hold those slots.

Hi, ste1nar. Thank you for the answer.