How could i render a cinematic into a movie file?

Sorry for a dumb question, but, i was thinking about creating a videoclip, since Blender takes about 20 minutes by frame to render, i was considering doing the animation on a 3D Engine, like Source Filmmaker (which allows to render, but it’s overly complicated to import assets) and Unreal Engine, but i want to avoid using software like Fraps, since i want to avoid any kind of frame drop, it’s there a possibility to render a cinematic to a video file?
Thank you.

Hello fabiosarts,

Inside of EU4 the function that handles cinematic functions is called Matinee. The window looks intimidating but it is super easy.

After opening matinee these are the steps

In your matinee window, there is a movie button In the top right corner. When you click on it, you will get different settings that you adjust your settings with… Click ok when you are done and a new window will pop up and your recording will start.

Your recording will be saved in “…\Unreal Projects\YourProject\Saved…” The next folder will be Video Captures.

Making sure everything is setup: Your matinee needs to be hooked up to your level blueprint in order for this to work.

Select the matinee actor from the scene outliner and open your level blueprint. Create an “Event Begin Play” event by right clicking and searching for it by its name. After doing this right click and search for “Play” make sure in your outliner that matinee is selected and create the play node. Drag from the arrow on the Event Begin Play to the play node arrow. Open your matinee, make sure you have a director track with a keyframe setup to the camera you want to record. This is done by clicking on the camera icon inside of matinee and selecting new group. When you are ready to record click on the movie button on the top right corner, change the settings to whatever you like and hit play.

The recording screen does not close automatically so after you are done capturing what you want you will need to close it down manually.


Thank you so much, i’ll try :slight_smile:

I do not see a node that is just labeled “Play.” Could you please be more specific? Using 4.10.


This is after following the steps up to the point of right clicking and typing in the word “Play.”