How could i export emitters?

Hi there!
I’m learning on Cascade now,i have a test today,then i created 3 particle systems to finish that test,but it’s hard to control them in Matinee and Blue Prints,Now I want to combine them into one particle system,i tried to export emitters in Cascade,but there’s no responding here,
any ideas?

This is how you do it:

  1. Open the emitter you want to export FROM in Cascade
  2. Select the Emitter you want to export TO in the content browser. Don’t open it, just make sure it’s selected
  3. Right click on the emitter you want to export from in the first Particle System, and export it.

Note that you can ‘Solo’ emitters in Cascade by clicking on the ‘S’, so there shouldn’t be any need to create emitters separately.

Thanks a lot!I’ve done it.