How could I change visibility of multiple objects in the same position and bake lightmaps for each one correctly?

I have multiple objects in my scene that are overlapping and via widget blueprint I’d like to show just the one I click while the older one will hide.
for exemple:

  • A wall that not only changes the material but the static mesh too.

and my biggest issue is how to bake lightmaps with these overlapping objects because if do it with all of them in the same position in the scene it will give me shadows and artifacts.

I was trying to use a different level for each object and use blueprint to load the entire level stream, but to have an entire new scene because of just ONE object seems like a waste and it is increasing exponentially the size of my project. What I wanted was one simple scene where I could change some objects with my widgets with a fixed camera and static lights, no more interaction besides widget.

Dynamic lighting :slight_smile:

What do you mean by ‘change some objects with widgets’? That’s really vague when it comes to getting help in building a method for accomplishing something so different in functionality. Rewrite the post and re-post it. What’s written is way too difficult to comprehend for others in offering help. Perhaps sketch a diagram of the functionality, and/or include a few screenshots of the current workup.

Sorry but in this case I cannot use Dynamic lighting.
This is a project intended to be used in multiple platforms and need to be optimized so it can run easy on mobile or tablets with the same appearance.

Sorry if it was vague, it is my first time using the answer hub.
specifically I was trying to change 2 walls that have a variation of meshes (not only the materials) with widget buttons.
I made it work to change the walls with widget buttons, but I still wanted to bake lightmaps for every mesh and I didn’t find a proper way to do it.

So I did this:

  • I made multiple levels each one with just one variation of the walls , baked the lightmaps in all of them.
    Then one level was chosen as the main level while the other ones I deleted everything but the walls mesh
    and then on my main level I made my widget load and unload stream each level that had the variation of meshes.

although it may not be the best option , for me it worked.
But if there is a simpler or better way to do I would really appreciate the help. Thanks