How come my projectile only fires in X?

I am unable to get my projectile to fire whichever way I am facing, I could really use some help asap as I have been searching for a while, trying many different things, but either doing them wrong or they don’t work - any help is appreciated, SS below of my events on the projectile, and on the player.

Hey 41yards,

I see you’re using the base script from the First Person Template to fire your projectile–are you spawning the same MyProjectile asset from that template as well? What behavior are you seeing with your setup? Is it firing the projectiles but just in directions that aren’t in front of you or are they not spawning at all?


In the MyProjectile blueprint, if you go to Components, select Projectile from the list, in Details scroll to the Initial Velocity in Local Space option–is that checked or unchecked? It should the checked; unchecking it makes my projectiles always fire in X direction, checking it makes them fire in the direction I’m facing.

Yeah, I am using the same asset from that template, it’s only firing in the x direction rather than firing wherever the UFO is pointing

Hey, my initial velocity is 3000, and then i have it set to 3000 in the x under velocity, Initial Velocity in Local Space is checked but it still only fires in x, I wonder if the problem could be in my player blueprint for spawning the projectile?

and if I remove the x velocity, it just drops the projectile as soon as it fires

Sorry to come back to a dead topic but this issue is killing me, did anyone ever figure it out?

Okay for anyone that gets here and misses my post with the solution, here it is.