How can you change the RHI as an in game setting

Hi, I was wondering how I could make it to where you can choose to either use DirectX 11 or 12 as a setting in game. I can’t find anything on that anywhere.


Here is a screenshot I took of an unreal engine game that has the exact feature I’m looking to put in my game.

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Did u make it? I meet same issue now.

Hey guys, someone has made a plugin to do this:
GitHub - Cesio137/UE4-GraphicsRHIManager

You can read about it in this thread:
How to toggle between DX10, DX11, DX12 and Vulkan via Blueprint? - Unreal Engine / Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums

It requires the game to be restarted after the change (im sure there has to be a way around this, but take it or leave it :slight_smile: )

If you wish you can see my video where I explain how I did it, only that the video is in Spanish